Naida Zukić


Individual Clients:

Joshua Gunn. (Communication Scholar). "Drunk Dialing Naida."
Micki Pellerano. (Filmmaker; Performance Artist). "The Triumph of Pan."

Raquel Monroe. (Dance and Performance Scholar). "How I Became We."
Elizabeth Whitney. (Performance Artist; Writer). "Wonder Woman: The Musical!"
Roetta Collins. (Actress; Writer). "Everything's Coming Up Ro'ses."
Gargi Shinde. (Actress; Jazz musician). "Conversations in Taal."
Rod Williams. (Pianist; Composer). "All About Jazz."

Institutional/Organization Clients:
Connexion Bizarre: Electronic Music Events, Interviews, and Reviews: Kinetik 4.0. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies. The study of performance as a social, political, philosophical, and aesthetic practice; as a methodology; and as a mode of critique.
CAVE: Space for Contemporary Performance and Visual Arts. "Spring Ferment Series."  Williamsburg, NY.


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||Performance Art||

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