Naida Zukic

Zukic, Naida & Marc Veit Schwär (2019). Bosnian Nostalgia.
This collaboration with the award-winning photographer Marc Veit Schwär emerged out of much observation and conviction that most of our understanding and public knowledge of Bosnia and Herzegovina attends to the recent war, the ultimate collapse of the country, and the fate of its notorious war criminals Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic. However, far less attention has been given to cultural, political, and economic transformation of the post-socialist, post-war Bosnia.  Schwär's photographic work represents one such attempt to shed light on what remains poorly understood, under-represented, and under-analyzed Bosnian experience.  Bosnian Nostalgia gives an insight into the lifestyle and activities reflecting Bosnia's cultural revival as it transitions from socialism to capitalism, and more broadly from war to peace, in its continuous struggle for a more democratic vision of society. 

Bosnian Nostalgia [Marc Veit Schwär © 2019]